The Salt Keep v1.0.9 Released!

The Salt Keep version 1.0.9 has been released and is now available here (on Mac/PC), on Android, and on iOS.

This update makes a few small changes:

  • Adds better button labeling for screen readers. This fix won't be apparent to visual players, but for those using screen readers, navigation should be clearer on the primary gameplay tabs and on the settings menu. I'm no expert on this topic, but had some direction from this very helpful AppleVis directory review to make changes, so if anybody else has accessibility suggestions, I'm happy to hear them.
  • Adds a "No Transitions" setting. At the request of a couple of players, there's now a setting alongside "Fast Transitions" that eliminates the fade transitions altogether. When selected, this setting makes it so you'll hard cut from one "page" to the next. You can move through the game even faster now, so get ready to shatter The Salt Keep Official Global Speedrun* records. 
  • Fixes "Bigger Text" overflow bug. This is just a straight-forward bug fix. Every once in a while, "Requirement Met" labels would spill over onto a second line and obscure button text when the "Bigger Text" setting was enabled, and this should correct it.

Thanks, everybody! Enjoy!

*This doesn't exist, but I'm sure it will any day now, I'm absolutely positive.

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