Quick Look: Character Intros

These are the main characters you'll (probably) spend the most time with while playing The Salt Keep. Exploration is central to the game, so there's no guarantee you'll even discover all of these characters, and if you do, it'll vary how much you get to know them. It all depends upon the choices you make and who you prioritize. 

Also, if you're extremely spoiler-averse, or just want to go into the game knowing nothing, you may want to skip this one!

Doyle Scoggins

31-year-old salesman, straight-laced and downtrodden.

Doyle had been a salesman all his life. He'd spent the better part of a decade pushing ale across Sudmere for Fultan & Sons, then selling farming implements for Osmond Plow & Mule, but ceramics were new to him. They filled the back of his cart, some broken, most unsold, as he traveled from village to village. Nobody seemed to be interested, and his purse grew lighter every day, but he kept moving. There wasn’t much waiting for him back home with Nela gone... MORE

Wilda Putnam

22-year-old stablehand, hard-nosed and loyal.

When Wilda was born, Henketh was a good place to be. She’d spent most of her childhood working there alongside her mother, the only wise woman and herbalist in the village, but once Alsporth Timber & Coal arrived, things began to change. Her father died not long after, and the company brought their own surgeons and clerics as new laborers arrived. There wasn’t much need for an old herbalist after that, and Wilda watched her mother wither, more and more bitter every year, as Sir Carden's gold slowly grew the village... MORE

Edwin "Ed" Clifford

26-year-old apprentice herbalist, nervous and ambitious.

Ed was going to be an apothecary. He’d already spent six years as an apprentice under Father Payton, and while it was longer than he’d expected, he wasn’t particularly surprised. As the son of a Malorin washerwoman in Fingate, he’d made it further than he’d imagined he ever would. He spent most of his days in the temple outside the Salt Keep, organizing the shelves and collecting herbs, keeping careful notes as he learned to mix tinctures and remedies... MORE

Aldus Hadden

48-year-old high-tier salesman, long-winded and practical.

Hadden had been working for Atwater Ceramics for decades. The job had taken him all over Eadmore: Sudmere and Alsporth, mostly, but he’d spent time out west, and even across the border into Igban. He’d started out like anybody, pushing Journeyman Packages as much as he could, memorizing the wares and rehearsing pitches, but after years of work, he eventually found himself on the other side, teaching rather than learning. That was his thought process the day he met Doyle, the two of them sharing a drink at the inn in Cotlin Hill: 

“This kid has a lot of learning to do...” MORE

Brinton Cooper

20-year-old guard of the Salt Keep, timid and earnest.

Cooper had grown accustomed to loss. At eight years old, his father disappeared – he worked for Endless Sea Shipping, sailed out one afternoon and never returned – and at 16, he watched his mother wither and sweat in bed for months until one morning she didn’t wake up. He’d spent his entire life in Cardwyke, never straying more than a half-day’s walk from the village, but still it eventually became a place he didn’t recognize. Sometimes he thought of it almost as a punishment, though he didn’t think he’d done anything in particular to deserve it. Sometimes he wasn’t sure it mattered either way... MORE

Luella "Lu" Hollis

58-year-old independent merchant, cagey and self-reliant.

Most of Lu’s life, she’d been alone. That’s not to say she was ever lonely – she had a husband once, she liked to tell people, and a few other men throughout her thirties, plus a woman she still saw now and then in Port Warren – but she’d always been unattached. It wasn’t a choice when she was a child, moving from one orphanage to another throughout Ulder Valley, but by the time she had grown, it felt natural. That tendency followed her even into work, though she never thought of anything she did as “work.” Work was something one did for somebody else, Lu thought. All she ever did was sell when the opportunity presented itself... MORE

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